Earlier this year, Duncan asked if it would be possible to provide bicycles for some of our secondary school students, never walking away from a challenge we decided to place an appeal on social media for unwanted bicycles; Wow, we have received calls from all corners of Warwickshire and Staffordshire which has meant that not just some of the students will receive a bicycle but, all of them!

Initial expectations had been that we would receive maybe 10 or 12, which would be a manageable number if we had to do renovation work on them, we were, happily wrong on both points; we have received in excess of 40 bicycles, in the majority of cases not needing any work on them at all, some in fact had never been ridden. The response has been absolutely brilliant, many, many thanks to all who contributed, too many to name individually, also thanks to North Warwickshire Borough Council who supported this project.

The students currently have to rent accommodation near to the school that they attend, many especially the orphans find this a very expensive thing to have to do, the trust supports them by paying their fees and providing all stationery etc. that they require, they and their carers are responsible for all other expenses, obtaining a bicycle will mean they will be able to travel daily to school from Chinthowa.

The bicycles and boxes have now been collected by the shipping agent prior to loading into the container, the goods should be leaving the UK in about 4-6 weeks, so all of our appeals are still active. We needed to move everything in order to free up the Church Hall which had been monopolised by CDT for the past few weeks. A special thank you to the parishioners for their patience and understanding.

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