The Chinthowa Development Trust
Supporting Orphans in Malawi, Africa

The Chinthowa Development Trust is a small charity based in North Warwickshire that works in Malawi, Africa. Our primary function is the care of orphans and children in need within Chinthowa and thirteen surrounding villages. Chinthowa is located some 50 miles west of the capital city Lilongwe.

The Trust operates on the principle that ‘EVERY PENNY COUNTS’. No salaries, no expenses are paid by the charity, every penny donated goes to the benefit of the orphans and villages.

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We care for over 250 orphans in the village of Chinthowa and surrounding area.   We do not have an orphanage, all children are placed with extended family where possible and are supported by the Trust’s affordable sponsorship scheme. 



The Trust has built a school including, classrooms, toilet blocks, an IT Block powered by solar panels, headteacher’s office and staff room and teachers’ houses with solar power.   The Trust also provides a meal for over 1,400 children daily. 



Our aim is to help the village of Chinthowa and surrounding villages to become self sufficient communities by introducing improved farming methods and encouraging small business start ups with the Trusts’ interest free ‘Micro Loan’ scheme.  


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Chinthowa is a small village about 30 miles from any tarmac road and around 50 miles from the capital Lilongwe

New Bore Hole, Chinthowa Malawi

Clean & Safe Water

The Trust has installed 14 bore holes in and around the villages of Chinthowa to provide clean, disease free water to the villagers.

Orphan Support

There are over 250 orphans in the village of Chinthowa and surrounding area. We provide these children, with shelter, clothing, food and education, primary, secondary and tertiary.

Occupational Training

The Trust provides skill based training opportunities for young adults by sponsorship through local colleges and universities

Sustainable Agriculture & Development

We are working with farmers to help improve the productivity of the land, irrigation, water conservation and crop diversity and rotation.

The formation of farming cooperatives aimed at villagers who have insufficient or no land, enabling them to provide food for their families.

The Trust operates an interest free ‘micro loan scheme’ to encourage small business start ups. Loans have been granted for pig farming, butcher, grocer, agri-supplies and dressmaking.

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We keep in regular contact with the village via telephone and email.

Caring for the orphans of Chinthowa and surrounding areas.

In Chinthowa and the neighbouring villages there are several hundred children. They are of happy disposition, enjoying playing games, dancing, singing and laughing and joking at every opportunity.

The Trust is supporting an ever increasing number of orphans through the sponsorship scheme, all children are cared for within a family environment, we do not run an orphanage, support is given to the whole family who take on the responsibility of looking after the orphans. Orphans are sponsored by people in the UK who donate £5 per month. Each orphan has two sponsors and £10 per month is enough to help the families with food, toiletries and educational fees if the orphan goes to Secondary School, primary education is free for all children.

HOW TO SPONSOR AN ORPHAN: If you feel that you would like to help an orphan or would like more information, please contact Brian or Margaret Ingram on 01827 704858.

chinthowa development trust one of the orphans
waiting for school to begin at Chinthowa

Providing education for the children of Chinthowa and surrounding areas.

The building of Chinthowa Primary School was completed in August 2012, just in time for the autumn term. Since that time further developments have included; the building and equipping of the IT Block and the installation of Solar Power.

The school is continually over subscribed as its reputation and results become known in the wider area: We are the only primary school to offer IT Training at this level in the whole of the region.

We are experiencing increased success in encouraging our girls to continue their education in secondary and tertiary levels through the Trusts sponsorship scheme.

Pupil successes include: Qualified Nurses, Medical Student (Doctor). Teachers and a 2 Civil Engineers.


Sustainable development and agriculture.

In line with the Trusts core mission, we continue to work hard in the areas of sustainability and agriculture. Consultation and innovation are the driving force to experiment in the areas of, crop variation and rotation, and in irrigation. We have reduced quite considerably the use of pesticides by the introduction of ‘barrier crops’, this has been particularly successful.

The past year has seen the introduction of ‘livestock farming’, this is programmed to expand during the Spring and Summer of 2021, also achieved or in progress are:

  • 2 Maize harvests in 2020 and 2 planned for 2021
  • 2 Pig farms established
  • 1 Chicken farm, in the process of setting up
  • 2 Farming cooperatives established to directly benefit families who through poverty do not own land.
  • Planting of various fruit trees, phase 2 planned for 2021
  • A further 2,000 trees to be planted around the village and school
Chinthowa family come to look at their crops.


Our work focusses upon the village of Chinthowa in Malawi.  We care for over 200 orphans and help provide education and food for over 1,000 children from the village and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to provide long term effective help in the area and we are working with farmers to create a sustainable development program.

Majiga Health centre chinthowa development Trust

Providing Medicines & Medical Equipment


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How We Help The People Of Chinthowa

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Caring for Orphans

There are over 250 orphans in the village of Chinthowa. Malaria and HIV have had a devastating effect on the adult population in Malawi, frequently leaving their children without carers.

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The Trust works with local farmers to improve the productivity of their land and diversify crops away from the unstable markets for cash crops and towards providing local produce for local markets.

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Malaria Control

The Trust provides mosquito nets for the people of Chinthowa and surrounding villages, helping to reduce the number of malaria related infections and deaths. For those that contract malaria we also provide medication.

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Fresh Water Boreholes

We have provided 14 deep bore holes to provide clean and safe drinking water for the villages around Chinthowa, helping to reduce the number of water-borne disease.

Schooling & Education

The Trust built a Primary School in Chinthowa to provide education for over 1400 pupils. The orphans are sponsored throughout their education. Each pupil receives a hot meal at the end of the school day. We also offer bursaries for further education to students in Chinthowa and surrounding villages.


The Trust works closely with a health centre and two local hospitals, providing medication, walking aids and consumables. The focus is on disease prevention through education. During the Covid19 crisis the Trust introduced a prevention programme that included the provision of, sanitisers, soap and face masks.

The Chinthowa Development Trust is a
UK based registered charity

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Administration Fees

All of our volunteers give their time freely and we pay no expenses or salaries to any of our administrators.

Your Money Used Wisely

Chinthowa Development Trust is a small charity that makes a big difference, with no overheads, your money goes where it’s needed and is invested in the local Chinthowa area.

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Focus on Orphans

Our primary aim is to provide support and education for the many orphans and children of the village & surrounding area.

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Sustainable Development

The aim of the Trust is to help the people of Chinthowa and surrounding area to become self sustaining communities through investing in education, agriculture & disease prevention.