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Easter Cards for sale to help with the Feeding Programme.

Would you like to help the children of Chinthowa, Malawi? Each card has been made with love for the Chinthowa Development Trust and every penny that is paid for the card goes towards the Feeding Programme for the children at Chinthowa School. Each of the 1,500 children on…
easter card

Seeing the Light

Hello again folks, I continue to stare through the same window, drinking my de-caf tea and munching the ‘ginger nut’ biscuits, idly drifting back to Chinthowa village. The first time we visited Malawi back in 2007, things were a fair bit different, Margaret and I were talking just…

Boxing Day 2020

I have to report that the ‘farming cooperative’  gathered in a harvest for the first time, a bumper crop of maize during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day!   Absolutely fabulous, from planting to harvesting has been just 14 weeks,  there will be no hunger time for the villagers this…
gathering the harvest

Christmas Day 2020

Looking out of the window it’s a beautiful day if a little on the cold side, however, I sit here quite ‘toastie’ with my decaf tea and chocolate biscuits looking at photos from the village that arrived via Email  Boxing Day morning. What a roller coaster ride 2020…
xmas 2020

The Cooperative Farmers

Sitting enjoying a cup of coffee and a biscuit this morning, the warm sun blazing through the windows, my thoughts as often happens drift away to Africa and the village of Chithowa;    In my minds eye I see the people beavering away in the fields preparing the the…

Our Sewing Bees

Chinthowa “Sewing Bees”   The great spy novelist John Le Carrè wrote a novel called ‘The Tailor of Panama’, later made into an excellent film starring Pierce Brosnan. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to ‘The Tailors of Chinthowa’!   Fortunately our tailors are far…