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Thank you Speedit Couriers

One of our helpers! Thank you Malkit Bhamra from ‘Speedit Couriers’ of Birmingham for helping us collect 2,000 books from Northampton. These books had been donated to our Charity for use in the planned Library at Chinthowa School. Malkit was able to go to Northampton for us while…

Micro Loan Schemes

We have during this period of lockdown been able to promote the ‘Micro Loan Business Start up Scheme’, we have primarily though not exclusively targeted the students who have successfully completed their secondary education, the first of these has been up and running now for a few weeks…
sewing machines

Helping the poor farmers of Chinthowa.

As our responsibility and governance of Chinthowa School decreases we are provided with an opportunity of moving further toward our Mission Aims of making Chinthowa village increasingly selfsufficient. While over the years, there have been several successes for the various projects, for 10 years our focus has been…

Coronavirus in Chinthowa, Malawi

Coronavirus in Chinthowa, Malawi The first case of the virus in Malawi was confirmed on April 2nd, the first death was on April 8th. It increased to 3 deaths on April 23rd and 4 deaths on May 24th. In the statistics there have been no more deaths. On…
Coronavirus in Chinthowa, Malawi