Thank you to our Friends at St James Church, Weddington.

Once again,  we would like to thank the people of St James Church Weddington Nuneaton, for the generous donations you have made to our charity.  The knitted blankets are beautiful and in such bright colours, they must have taken a long time to knit. The children and adults will love them. And how thoughtful to make baby blankets and baby clothes too.
The soap and petroleum jelly will be very useful. The villagers have got used to washing their hands frequently to keep COVID away, fortunately it hasn’t reached the village. They are all doing what they should to keep it at bay.  The clothes, towels and bed linen will be much appreciated. They all came labeled and all we had to do was place them in the boxes. Thank you, it made our job so much easier.
Everything is packed now and ready for the next shipment.
This year, Chinthowa has had an excellent harvest and grew a greater variety of crops which will help them to have a healthier diet. The micro loan schemes have gone well and the butcher, the shopkeeper and the pig farmers are all expanding their businesses.
The school prospers and has over 1,000 children on role. A new gender equality programme has been introduced for the children and adults which will help in encouraging girls to complete their education and take up a career.
We thank God that we can help in a small way, and with the help of all our supporters, to make a difference in the lives of the people in Chinthowa and the surrounding villages and encourage them to become self sufficient.

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