The Feeding Programme

Within the villages there are children who are in need of help with food, this is normally through the inability of the parents to earn enough money to buy the daily necessities for all of the family. A food program has now been introduced which will include these children who had managed to slip through the net, they receive a meal of porridge with Likuni Phala every day, this is a high protein supplement that aids their growth. The scheme is run and managed by volunteers from the villages.

chinthowa development Trust Feeding programme


Our work focusses upon the village of Chinthowa in Malawi.  We care for over 200 orphans and help provide education and food for over 1,000 children from the village and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to provide long term effective help in the area and we are working with farmers to create a sustainable development program.

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Building The I.T. Block Extension To The School
Improving Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability