Sending Blankets For The Winter

The winter season in Chinthowa is during the months of May, June and July. It can get very cold during the nights, the temperature dropping to only 10°C.  Although to UK standards this may seem mild the average daytime temperature during the winter is 26°C so the drop of 16°C from day to nightime makes it feel very cold.

We have many ladies in the UK who knit blankets all year round for the orphans and children. They love the bright colours and often wear them outside in the cool mornings and evenings.

Chinthowa children receiving blankets


Our work focusses upon the village of Chinthowa in Malawi.  We care for over 200 orphans and help provide education and food for over 1,000 children from the village and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to provide long term effective help in the area and we are working with farmers to create a sustainable development program.

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Building The I.T. Block Extension To The School

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