Providing Bicycles For Secondary School Students

The Secondary School Students have to travel over 10 miles to the nearest secondary school. Often this means that they have to rent a hut in the local village and look after themselves, adding to the cost of their education. Duncan, our Coordinator made an appeal to us to see if we could  send out bicycles for the students. This would enable the students to live at home and travel to school each day. Over 50 bicycles have been donated and they will be shipped out in September 2017. The students will be able to have their new bicycles for January 2018.

Bicycles for chinthowa development Trust


Our work focusses upon the village of Chinthowa in Malawi.  We care for over 200 orphans and help provide education and food for over 1,000 children from the village and surrounding areas.  Our aim is to provide long term effective help in the area and we are working with farmers to create a sustainable development program.

Majiga Health centre chinthowa development Trust

Providing Medicines & Medical Equipment

chinthowa development trust Building of the IT block

Building The I.T. Block Extension To The School

Providing Christmas Gifts To All the Children Of The Village
Building The I.T. Block Extension To The School