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Sponsor an Orphan

£10.00 / month

Sponsor an Orphan for £10 per month

By sponsoring an orphan at £10 per month, you will give financial support, and provide a caring environment for the child to thrive either with grandparents or an older sibling. Everything that they need for life at school and home will be given to them, all their school equipment, clothes, and food. They will be looked after for their whole educational life and if able to pass the final primary school examination they will go on to secondary school. Through your sponsorship all school fees will be paid for them, exercise books and text books will be supplied and they will receive a bicycle to travel to school.
You will be given a named orphan from our register of 250 orphans. If you are able to give us your email address, each year we will let you notify you of your child’s progress.
It is only through good education that the problems Africa faces will be solved. The Chinthowa Primary School and the Kapudzama Secondary school, with your help, will play their part in educating the young people of Chinthowa.
We are very grateful to all our sponsors, without your help we could not continue our work in Malawi.
If you would like to Gift Aid your donation, our government will give us 25p for every pound you donate. We are always happy to receive this bonus. Please contact us and we will let you have a Gift Aid Form.

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