Chinthowa “Sewing Bees”


The great spy novelist John Le Carrè wrote a novel called ‘The Tailor of Panama’, later made into an excellent film starring Pierce Brosnan. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to ‘The Tailors of Chinthowa’!   Fortunately our tailors are far more involved with the ‘cloak’ rather than the ‘dagger’.   These heroes, or should I say heroines are, Ellen, Patrish, Modester and Catherine.   All of these ladies trained at Green Malata through a sponsorship sponsored by Chinthowa Development Trust, under the guidance and watchful eye of our own spymaster ‘M’.


The first assignment for the ladies was to make and distribute re-usable sanitary wear for the girls in the villages where we operate, following this they began tailoring school uniforms for both girls and boys having first created their own patterns from which to work, Chinthowa Development Trust was of course their first customer, making uniforms for our orphans.


With the onset of Coronavirus production was switched to the making of re-usable face masks that were distributed free of charge throughout our villages.


These ‘Sewing Bees; have shown ability, creativity, adaptability and a fantastic community spirit, Ladies and Gentlemen meet our Heroines.




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