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Its been quite some time since I took time out to put pen to paper and bring your up to date with goings on in the village of Chinthowa! Like everywhere, they are fighting the third wave of Covid in Malawi, though thankfully not in the area of the village. We have however lost one of our senior citizens to the virus, Delia John was visiting a relative in Kasiya and sadly contracted Covid while there. As a precaution we have reintroduced all of the procedures necessary to keep the villagers safe.
Despite the many promises from the developed world, it is still not possible to gain access to vaccines, like always, we will keep trying.

After 11 months of waiting we have at last managed to get a shipment away, the container left Leeds at the end of July and should arrive in Lilongwe in the middle of September; the costs have risen by a ridiculous amount, we are hoping this is only a temporary situation brought on by the political situation between the UK and the EU that has been exacerbated by the trade difficulties being experienced with China.

All schools, colleges and universities only closed for just 2 weeks this summer in order to give students the opportunity to catch up with their studies following the long lockdown period earlier in the year. Once again we have two of our secondary students being offered university places, one to study medicine and the second to study agricultural engineering. This of course is absolutely fabulous news, it would however put a bit of a strain on the finances; therefore if you know of any kind people or companies out there in the big wide world, that may be in a position and willing to help, we would be very grateful hear from them!

Our micro loan scheme for start-up businesses continues to flourish with most of them expanding their enterprises after 12 months, the butcher, the shopkeeper, the pig farmers, the Sewing Bees and the Cooperative Farming Group, all are really doing well. More news about them next time.

It’s time then I’m afraid to put away paper and pen as the smell of cooking is drifting in from the kitchen and styling my thoughts away, so I bid you all a fond farewell until next time, so please stay safe, be careful we are still not yet in the clear. As always many, many thanks for your continuing support.

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