New desks for Chinthowa School.

The pupils try out the new desks.

The new desks have arrived for Chinthowa School. When the school opened in 2012 the government advised us not to buy desks. They must have known how many children were expected to enrole at the school! But what we have found, is that some of the children drop out of school after about Standard 4. It must be very hard for them sitting on a concrete floor all day. All primary school children are expected to complete the 8 Standards in the school but there is no one to make sure that they do attend. The Trustees thought that perhaps if we bought desks for the higher standards it might encourage the children to stay on at school and finish their primary education. Inner Wheel District 6 volunteered to raise the money for us to purchase desks for Standard 4 to Standard 8. The Head Teacher wishes to thank the ladies of Inner Wheel for their support. He says that sitting at desks will make it far easier for the children to learn.


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