Micro Loan Schemes

We have during this period of lockdown been able to promote the ‘Micro Loan Business Start up Scheme’, we have primarily though not exclusively targeted the students who have successfully completed their secondary education, the first of these has been up and running now for a few weeks and is progressing well.   Three girls have started a tailoring business, the trust has provided sewing machines and materials in order for them to get started; they are using treadle machines at the moment but it is hoped that shortly they will be able to tap into the ‘solar system’ this will be a great boost for them.   There are three further applications for funding under consideration at the moment, each of them look quite interesting and will probably be granted the assistance they have requested.


The trust provides interest free loans to suitable projects that show benefit not just to the individual but also to the wider community, the loans cover a period of 16 months under normal circumstances with the initial 6 months being a repayment holiday.

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