Lumwila and Petilos Suffer Cholera Outbreak


Lumwila and Petilos Suffer Cholera Outbreak

Two of our smaller outlying villages are suffering from a Cholera outbreak, this is due to drinking and cooking with contaminated water from the village water holes. Neither village has a borehole so are totally dependent on these holes that are dug along the dambo area. While the villages are not part of Chinthowa, we do have a number of orphans from the villages in our care. The government in Malawi has reacted quickly to supply Chlorine and Oral Rehydration Salts, these are purely a control medication and does not deal with the underlying problem of no access to clean safe water. CDT have now commissioned the installation of two boreholes, one in each of the villages, this has meant transferring funds from other areas of need, the cost is £940 per borehole. Sadly our help comes too late for two of the children who have died, with your help we can go a long way to alleviating this problem in the Khongoni area where we work, please help us if you can, remember, we make every penny count, we have no paid staff, we pay no expenses. and no overheads, we operate totally with volunteers.

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