Easter Cards for sale to help with the Feeding Programme.

Would you like to help the children of Chinthowa, Malawi?
Each card has been made with love for the Chinthowa Development Trust and every penny that is paid for the card goes towards the Feeding Programme for the children at Chinthowa School. Each of the 1,500 children on role gets a meal at the end of the school day of maize porridge, nsima. This is a favourite of their staple foods.

The cards cost a minimum of £5 but you can donate what ever amount you wish. Each card comes with a little certificate to say how much has been donated.   £5 will supply approximately 100 meals.

Please contact us at 01827 704858 stating which cards you would like and we will either deliver or send them to you. We only have 18 cards available and everyone is different.

The cards have been photographed whilst in their cellophane packaging.




roses                               cross and flower                                          chrysanths

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