Coronavirus in Chinthowa, Malawi

Coronavirus in Chinthowa, Malawi

The first case of the virus in Malawi was confirmed on April 2nd, the first death was on April 8th.

It increased to 3 deaths on April 23rd and 4 deaths on May 24th. In the statistics there have been no more deaths.

On May 31st there remains 4 deaths and 284 confirmed cases.

Probably these are not the true statistics as nothing seems to have changed!

There are 17 intensive care beds in the country shared between 4 hospitals.

At the beginning of April all the villages were visited by health visitors and they brought soap and gave advice about the importance of hand washing.

We have been able to give advice to the villagers
• To stay within your village and not travel around.
• To wash hands thoroughly and often.
• We managed to find a leaflet in Chichewa about the virus and sent it to Duncan in order to give the villagers more information.
• Told Duncan to only go into the capital when absolutely necessary. (To the Bank)

The harvest has just been gathered in, it has been a good harvest so at present there is plenty of food available, but sadly they are unable to sell any of their produce at market and this is usually the time when they can earn a little cash.

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