Chris visits Chinthowa Village.

The Trust was delighted to hear that Chris Cox from Hinckley was able to visit Chinthowa on Sunday and meet with the child that he and his wife Sarah have been sponsoring for many years. Chifundo John will soon be 18 and will be leaving the sponsorship scheme at the end of the year.

He was also able to look at the school and meet Chief Michael, the Headmaster and Rosie, one of the young teachers.

He saw some of the young people who have benefitted from using our microloan scheme to help them set up a business, the pig farmers and the shopkeepers. The Sewing Bees are not working at the moment as they are spending time in the fields as it is harvest time. The harvest this year has been quite successful, maize continues to be the main crop but they are also growing soya beans, ground nuts for protein, and sweet potatoes. Some are growing tobacco but this is proving not to be economic.





Chris was able to give us an up to date report on the village, school and boreholes.




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