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The Chinthowa Development Trust

The Chinthowa Development Trust came into existence in 2001 and operates mainly in the North Warwickshire area and Malawi. A great deal has been achieved to enable the village of Chinthowa to become more self sufficient with support and help from local organisations, friends and family. The Trust has helped to look after approximately 750 orphans, providing funds to enable their extended families to care for them and pay educational fees.  We raised funds to build a primary school for the village and trained the local people  in brick making and construction to build it, skills they can now use to earn a living wage.  We have provided mosquito nets for the families of the local villages, along with medicines and health aids to help the local medical centre.  We have created 6 wells to provide safe clean drinking water for the village and its neighbouring settlements and are working with farmers to promote sustainable, environmentally friendly and profitable farming techniques.

We are a registered charity.

 UK Charity Commission Number 1122548

There are no administrative charges, all volunteers work for free and cover their own expenses. Every penny raised is used for the benefit of the orphans and the village.  Visits to Chinthowa by Trustees of the charity are paid for out of their own pockets.

We ask support from anyone who will listen, local schools; Churches; charitable organisations; friends; relatives and neighbours.

The Trust is registered with the government in Malawi, Congoma C1023/2016, this recognises us as a Non Governmental Organisation.

History of the charity.

Our Beginnings

In 2001 we met the Mdala family from Malawi. Flora was a nurse and had come to England to work in the NHS. This was to enable her to send money back home to start a school in her ancestral village of Chinthowa. Her husband Stanley was working in security and their daughter aged 10 years was attending our local school.

We invited them to our home and were eager to learn what life was like for the poorer people of Malawi. During the next couple of years Malawi like all of Sub- Saharan suffered from famine so severe that the people were eating grass and roots. Informaly, we asked friends and family if they would like to help the village of Chinthowa, they readily agreed and money was sent to the village to supply them with maize, cooking oil and blankets.

In order that we could really understand what was happening in Chinthowa, Flora sent out an old second hand camcorder for them to show us the village and their lifestyle. We could see their farming methods, the water hole, the houses and children having some lessons under a tree given by one of the young men who had received secondary education. The schools were too far away for young children to walk there. One of the scenes should an old woman with 8 children around her, we were told that these were some of the orphans of the village and she looked after them. The orphans were allowed to collect the scrapings of the floor in the flour mill and the old lady would make it into maize porridge. This was the only help they had.

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